It is now 32.7° (09:28 PM)
    0.2° change in last hour
    -1.0° change in 24 hours
Max Today: 33.8° at 10:46 AM
Min Today: 32.1° at 5:00 PM

Wind Chill: 32.7°
Min Today: 28.0° at 3:22 PM
Max Today: 33.8° at 10:46 AM
Dew Point: 31.4°
Humidity: 95%

Barometer: 29.92 in
Pressure Trend: Steady

Prediction: Partly cloudy.
Wind Speed: 3 mph
Wind Gust: 6 mph
Average Wind Speed: 1 mph
Wind direction is: WSW
Max Gust: 18 mph at 1:32 PM.

Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h (0.00)
Today's Rain: 0.13 in
Last Rain: Today (0.13 in)
Rain This Month: 2.59 in

Sunrise today: 7:11 AM
Sunset today: 4:58 PM
Daylight today (hh:mm): 9:47
Daylight time tomorrow: 9:49
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SOURCE: Weather Underground

Today's Random Weather Fact

The deadliest tornado in history lasted for more than three hours and was three miles wide. The storm hit three southern states in the USA (Missouri, Southern Illinois and Indiana) on the 18th March, 1925 and killed at least 747 people.